Monday, 31 March 2008

Cycle Training doesn't increase cycling

There is a continual push from people who do not understand the issues towards measures like cycle buddies and adult cycle training.

I've seen this kind of thing come and go over the past 20 years and they have never made a significant difference to the level of cycling on our roads.

Training benefits a small number of individuals. For them it can be very effective, but the number of people who want cycle training is very small.

The major increases in the levels of cycling are all caused by external factors which make cycling more attractive than the car or bus or train. The major examples in London over the past few years are the congestion charge and the bus and tube bombs.

The best way of increasing the levels of cycling in Croydon would be to bring in a congestion charge for the major access routes and the A23.


Friday, 21 March 2008

The London Programme ITV 21/3/08

"Death by Lorry" was a very good programme and well worth catching if it's repeated. Sadly I can't find a version of it online.

It featured 50 seconds of shots of crap cycle facilities in Croydon, including

Tamworth Road/Ruskin Road
[Edit: having taken a closer look whilst out shopping, it's clear that the lane does not go into a one way street as the programme stated, but is part of a plug no entry and signs show the road to be two way from the end of the cycle lane]

South End

High Street (clear shot of Leon House)

and the classic post in the cycle lane at Reeves Corner


Watch Tory leader David Cameron flouting laws of the road

Tory leader exposed.


Sunday, 16 March 2008

Addiscombe Road - TfL remove the lane

This post is dedicated to the two friendly, young policemen who stopped and searched me under the Terrorism act whilst I was trying to take these photos. Sorry guys I can't remember your names, but if you'd like to add a comment then it would round out this post nicely.

An email from Jim notified us that the cycle lane had been removed, as predicted by another cyclist. The cycle lane now suddenly stops some distance from the junction, at the point where the traffic is directed into two lanes.

The advanced stop line still exists, and has now been painted green.

However, the ASL box is completely useless as not only is it almost impossible to get to in heavy traffic, without going round the outside, it is also technically illegal to enter the box on a bicycle because there is no cycle lane giving entry.

Satellite Image

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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bristol and Bath Railway Path

Nothing like it in Croydon...

Satellite Image - EDIT!


Friday, 14 March 2008

More traffic free cycle paths under threat

Whilst visiting Ambleside today we bought a Lancaster Guardian and I was horrified to read of yet more stupid suggestions to turn Sustrans cycle paths into busways. The piece Put buses on the city cycle paths says that Faber Maunsell's report to the Lancaster district "Vision Board" recommends "buses using the district's cycle paths to cut journey times."

Satellite Image - Lancaster's cycle only bridge over the Lune

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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Addiscombe Road - now it's dangerous!

The recently refurbished cycle lane, LCN 75 westbound on Addiscombe Road, was looking like a real improvement over the previous road markings, with a lane wider than the usual Croydon crap which was mostly clear of traffic.

Not any longer, it is now looking pretty dangerous.

An extra line has been added to the junction to signify that the traffic should form two lines.
This pushes most of the cars into the cycle lane.

This is in response to the buses which turn right at this point.

The result for anyone trying to use the cycle lane is a disaster.

The TfL engineer responsible for this cock up should be forced to ride this junction repeatedly in heavy traffic until s/he gets the message.

Satellite Image

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Help Save the Bristol to Bath Railway Path

The Bristol to Bath Railway path was the very first Sustrans path. It is now in danger of being turned into an express bus route. The destruction of such an important cycle route would set a precedent which would make it easier for other cycle routes to be destroyed.

A campaign is now up and running - web site is

Sign the petition via