Sunday, 1 April 2007

Tamworth Road/Cairo New Road

Not sure what to call this location. It's on the inside of the corner of the slip-way coming off Roman Road, but this cycle facility truly deserves the label "crap".

You have to ask the question, "What on earth did this idiot think he was trying to achieve?" I cannot answer that question as I cannot understand the mentality of a council officer who designs a cycle path with a lamp post in the middle of it, and then wastes tax-payers' money on implementing it.

A wider shot.

One possible clue is the close proximity to tram lines. Wherever you see tram lines in Croydon an idiotic cycle lane is never far away.
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cycleplus said...

Sorry Croydon but Sutton claims the the Crown for the most crap cycle lane ever.,-0.159602&spn=0.001062,0.002446&t=h

The cycle path heading from top left at the bridge follows the nicely marked path to the bottom of the picture where it terminates somewhat abruptly without warning straight into an 8 foot high brick wall.

Not that it was going anywhere useful anyway.

Mike Armstrong said...

Ok cycleplus, Sutton gets it's own Blog!