Sunday, 5 August 2007

South End Southbound

This post is for Jonathan Law who commented:-

South End and Brighton Road are classic examples of stupidity in planning. The cycle lane is broken up with parking bays so that you can go about 10 yards before having to pull into the traffic. Pointless having the lane there in many ways.

It is an old classic too. This photo comes was taken in 2000 and was on the front page of my cycling web site for years.

Nothing has changed in the past 7 years

The cycle lane starts just south of the traffic lights, then runs straight into a parking space.

Only to reappear for a few yards before the next set of parking spaces.

After which there is a splash of green paint at the junction to the car park

The lane then is replaced by more parking spaces and a bus stop, before making a short reappearance and then disappears short of the next set of traffic lights.

Satellite Image & Map

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