Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sign of Improvements...

..or just more public money going to waste?

At the moment the changes going on further east on Addiscombe Road are encouraging, in that a traffic lane has been removed to put in a wider (but still a substandard 1.6m wide) cycle lane.

I have not been able to find any plans on the council web site, but if anyone can find them please post the link.

However, I have found an old Cycle Strategy which suggests that these works are 18 months late.

3.1.6 Also, funding is to be provided by TfL for the construction of a junction improvement that will allow cycle access for the first time. The Addiscombe Rd / Cherry Orchard Rd junction was modified in 2000 to accommodate the new tram system and little provision was made for safe cycle access. As the junction forms part of two LCN+’s, BSP funding will allow the Council to introduce cycle measures here that will also assists other vulnerable road users. The programme construction start date is June 2006 and the total cost of the scheme (£320k) is being met by BSP funding. The main benefits of this scheme will be the provision of cycle access to East Croydon Station.

Satellite Image - of notice site

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