Saturday, 29 November 2008

South Croydon Railway Station Car Park

Shock news, there's a new wide, tarmacked, well lit shared use cycle path in Croydon which isn't bad at all (well not that bad anyway).

It starts at Coombe Road, by the railway bridge, where the sign clearly shows it as a shared use cycle path to the railway station.

Shame the sign is pointing in exactly the wrong direction.

It is a wide tarmacked path, that looks more like an access road.

It is very well lit.

But rather strangely signed.

With no signs at all in the opposite direction

Bikes are then directed into the new, vastly enlarged 80 spaces car park, the real reason for the development.

And if you approach the path from the station direction, you could be forgiven for thinking there was no cycle path at all.

It is a great improvement to the footpath, but unlikely to be a particularly popular cycle path, and as for trying to cross Coombe Road, there is no crossing anywhere along this stretch, despite many years of campaigning from local residents.

Google Earth Image - taken before the path was built

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