Sunday, 29 March 2009

South Croydon Station and Seltrans..

I'd never heard of Seltrans till today, but it turns out that they are responsible for the works at South Croydon Station.

from the Autumn issue of the Seltrans newsletter.

South Croydon Update

We are pleased to announce that the final allocation from TfL for stage 1 of our holistic “station access scheme” has been approved. The major part of the scheme involves a joint cycle pedestrian access link to the station from the near by A212 and its neighbouring LCN route. This scheme has been delivered on time within budget, with the help of our partners from BRB, Network Rail and Southern Railway. The industry has complemented the Seltrans scheme with a refurbishment for not only the station building and the car park but they have also created a new station forecourt designed for passenger/pedestrian safety. This innovative scheme includes elements to remediate the heavy engineering required. This includes the provision of nesting boxes, too enhance bio-diversity and future funding is being sort to provide solar panels that will deliver a carbon zero project. We are hoping to invite our Seltrans partners to a formal opening ceremony in the very near future. Our thanks goes out to all the stakeholders that have been involved in delivering this relatively complex scheme.

Watch this space!!

I occasionally use this station, and have never noticed any information about this scheme or any information about Seltrans.

Satellite Image - pre-new carpark


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