Sunday, 29 July 2007

Addiscombe Road - eastbound

Inspired by The Sharp Side's overgrown cycle track post, here's a less dramatic case of overgrowth on a cycle lane.

This cycle lane runs alongside tram tracks, so it's primary purpose is to signify to the bike rider where you can cycle outside of the sweep of the tram.

Strangely it is also probably Croydon's longest stretch of mandatory cycle lane - but that's another story.

As you can see from the images the foliage is growing out from the side to push the bike rider out into the path of trams in some places.

It is also worth noting that there is a solid stone wall, and not a pavement, so you have no escape.

The lane ends as the road widens, but then comes the biggest problem, a tram stop.

Here the bike rider has no choice but to cross into the tram track and into the path of the tram. This, thankfully, is not as dangerous as it might be because all trams stop at all of the stations, so are traveling slowly at this point.

Satellite Image & Map

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Ned Hughes said...

Wow, that's really terrible. And it's really dangerous. I really like the one with the bus. It really gives you perspective as to how close a rider would be to the street.

N Palmer said...

The Eastbound section is equally dangerous, As a cycle visitor to Croydon I was unaware the designated track disappears and one is required to traverse Tram Lines accordingly.

Unfortunately my thin racing wheels caught in the tram line throwing me off. Resulting in both physical injuries requiring Hospital treatment and damage to cycle and clothing.

Several members of the public who assisted the accident stated that a number of cyclist had experienced similar mishaps. Whilst a taxi driver commented in was a matter of time before someone was killed by a tram or other vehicle in the section of road