Tuesday, 10 July 2007

High Street - Surrey Street & Mint Walk

This is the junction between High Street and Surrey street where a cycle lane suddenly pops into existence outside the front door of the Green Dragon pub and continues north along High Street where it is always used for parking.

Anyone trying to use this cycle lane is likely to get cut up by motor vehicles turning left. Most people cycle well out into the road to avoid the parked cars.

Opposite is the entrance to Mint Walk where the cycle cut through is often blocked.

Notice how, even on a closed road, the cycle lane is far too narrow.

Satellite Image

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Anonymous said...

As a regular user of the cycle lane in the High Street opposite the ship, I can certainly vouch for all those parked vehicles. When are the bike lanes going to become more than 'advisory'. When that happens, the council can start towing away a few cars.

Wrencote Biker