Saturday, 1 March 2008

Addiscombe Road - now it's dangerous!

The recently refurbished cycle lane, LCN 75 westbound on Addiscombe Road, was looking like a real improvement over the previous road markings, with a lane wider than the usual Croydon crap which was mostly clear of traffic.

Not any longer, it is now looking pretty dangerous.

An extra line has been added to the junction to signify that the traffic should form two lines.
This pushes most of the cars into the cycle lane.

This is in response to the buses which turn right at this point.

The result for anyone trying to use the cycle lane is a disaster.

The TfL engineer responsible for this cock up should be forced to ride this junction repeatedly in heavy traffic until s/he gets the message.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I never have to cycle down either this bit in Addiscombe Road or coming down to the lights in Chepstow Road. There was no point at either place in painting the lines on the road as the cars cover teh space when they've stopped