Sunday, 16 March 2008

Addiscombe Road - TfL remove the lane

This post is dedicated to the two friendly, young policemen who stopped and searched me under the Terrorism act whilst I was trying to take these photos. Sorry guys I can't remember your names, but if you'd like to add a comment then it would round out this post nicely.

An email from Jim notified us that the cycle lane had been removed, as predicted by another cyclist. The cycle lane now suddenly stops some distance from the junction, at the point where the traffic is directed into two lanes.

The advanced stop line still exists, and has now been painted green.

However, the ASL box is completely useless as not only is it almost impossible to get to in heavy traffic, without going round the outside, it is also technically illegal to enter the box on a bicycle because there is no cycle lane giving entry.

Satellite Image

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