Sunday, 17 August 2008

"East Croydon roadworks inflame cyclists"

Back in February I wrote an optimistic post titled Sign of Improvements..., regarding this sign.

Six months later the roadworks are still underway, and Jim has managed to get this sorry story of delay and incompetence into the Croydon Advertiser.

East Croydon roadworks inflame cyclists

07:00 - 16-August-2008

Cyclists have lashed out at "farcical" roadworks which started at the beginning of the year and have no end in sight.

"Cycle network improvement works" started in January at the junction of Addiscombe Road and Cherry Orchard Road.

They were meant to take only three months yet eight months on are still carrying on.

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David MacKay said...

Dear Mike, please may I use your wonderful photo Tamworth Road1.jpg in a free book I'm writing on Sustainable Energy? I'll include an appropriate attribution. Yours, David MacKay