Friday, 11 May 2007

Godstone Road, Purley

Just on the southern edge of Croydon lies Purley, and yet another poorly thought through cycle lane. This one is on the southbound side of the Godstone Road (the A22) at the junction with Approach Road.

The somewhat narrow cycle lane disappears within a yard or two, a new, boldly marked cycle lane appears:

Take this enticing option and within a few yards you will be suddenly forced to choose between hitting the crash barrier or the side of the passing lorry. Alot of heavy goods traffic uses this road.
At first sight it looks like a good idea - a feeder lane to allow cyclists to get to the advance stop line when the cars are stopped. But if the traffic is moving you'll get a very nasty surprise.

Well intentioned, but probably much safer to not use it.

Satellite Image

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1 comment:

Mike Armstrong said...

Well intentioned?

No, just box ticking by a council officer who doesn't care about the impact of his work.