Monday, 14 May 2007

The "jug handle" - Wellesley Road

This is one of the worst pieces of design in Croydon. The reason it doesn't kill cyclists on a regular basis (as Wellesley road regularly kills pedestrians who try to cross it) is that very few cyclists venture onto this urban dual carriageway, and those that do ignore this utterly stupid cycle facility.

Wellesley Road (pre summer 2002)

This is apparently called a jug handle! It is at an infamous cycling black spot where several cyclists have come off on the tram tracks.

The cycle facility is quite ridiculous on a fast moving dual carriageway where all the traffic is breaking the speed limit, and I have never seen it used. However, we know of one cyclist who was hit by a bus when she tried to use it!

Wellesley Road (post summer 2002)

The new version is even worse, it now directs cyclists out into two lanes of speeding traffic. It is so utterly stupid that most cyclists end up riding up the tram tracks. Personally I take the vehicular route and ride through as if I was driving a car.

Wellesley Road (Spring 2007)

All that has changed in 5 years is the addition of some green paint.

Satellite Image

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