Thursday, 24 May 2007

Andrew Pelling MP on cycle lanes

Is not another important consideration, particularly when we suffer very long dry spells, drains in cycle lanes? There is insufficient space and quite often drains have fallen because of the dry weather. That can pose a great danger to cyclists, particularly when some of the lanes are very tokenistic and are probably not much wider than the drains themselves.

from Cycling - Westminster Hall debates


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Jonathan Law said...

South End and Brighton Road are classic examples of stupidity in planning.
The cycle lane is broken up with parking bays so that you can go about 10 yards before having to pull into the traffic.
Pointless having the lane there in many ways.

Another off-putting problem is theft and damage to bikes - you can't chain up a bike in Croydon and go about your business and feel that your bike will be safe. I have 2 bikes and have ridden for 30 years but cant use them now as I don't feel safe to leave them.

The number of teenagers trying to buy bolt-croppers in hardware stores is really worrying . I watched it happen in Turtles hardware store the other week and apparently it is an almost everyday occurance.