Thursday, 22 May 2008

Boris buggers up bus lanes for cyclists

Motorbikes to be allowed in bus lanes, says Boris

But Tom Bogdanowicz of the London Cycling Campaign said that TfL's first report was "wrong".

He told the Standard: "LCC advises against making any snap judgement on putting motorbikes in bus lanes based on what TfL has said. TfL says the data showed potential 'dis-benefits' to pedestrians and cyclists. Many cyclists find bus lanes a refuge from high-speed and unpredictable motor vehicles."


Saturday, 17 May 2008

Useless Cycle Lane Blocked by Bollard

You have to hand it to the traffic engineers of croydon, they really know how to make the laughable into the ludicrous. Remember "X" marks the spot - the useless cycle lanes by West Croydon Station?

Well, because many of Croydon's car drivers can't read road signs and obey them, Croydon Council have added two bollards to make it quite clear which way they should go.

Only they've put one of the bollards where it blocks the entry to one of the cycle lanes!

Not that any sane cyclist would ever use these cycle lanes, but the council could at least admit defeat and remove this useless cycle facility.

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