Sunday, 5 July 2009

Bollards in the Road - Old Town

Have you ever seen cast iron bollards placed in the middle of a road?

I doubt it.

But the sight of a bollard in the middle of a cycle track is commonplace.

The reason is that the people who plan these sorts of routes don't care about the safety of cyclists - most of them don't even ride bicycles.

This particular example is a footpath conversion on a route called Old Town.

Satellite Image

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Works Delayed - East Croydon Station

The cycle related works to the east of East Croydon Station have been delayed yet again.

However, the black plastic bin liners have now degraded and fallen off the signs to reveal the routes, and they are not too encouraging - I strongly suspect there will be dismount signs at the crossing, and the rest of the route to the station will be on a busy pavement.

It has even been the subject of an exchange of letters in the local papers, with the council making some pathetic excuses about unexpected problems. However, since it is not that long since the building of the tram tracks in the area this excuse does not hold water.

Satellite Image

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

A project originating from Cambridge Cycling Campaign, arriving in Croydon.

It's only in Beta form at the moment, but it looks promising.

Funny what you come across at Open Tech...

The best news for this site is the ability to add photos of crap cycle facilities :)

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