Sunday, 21 October 2007

"X" marks the spot - North End

This set of road markings are at the junction of North End and Tamworth Road/Station Road. It is an example of road markings which defy logic and safe roadcraft.

Worse than that the marked cycle lanes emerge from the pavement. If you are traveling east along Tamworth Road and want to turn right then you should already be on the right hand side of the tram tracks before entering the junction.

You can't see the full scale of this from the ground so take a look at the satellite image.

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Monday, 15 October 2007

Uneven drain covers - Wellesley Road

As featured in the LCC's magazine, London Cyclist, recently, these dire drain covers (see below) are in the centre of Croydon on Wellesley Road. As the variable surfacing around the drain covers shows, at least one unsuccessful attempt has been made to repair the problem, but that was some time ago, and the condition of the covers continues to worsen.

To identify their position more clearly, the photo below shows that they are on the nortbound side of the road, before the Whitgift Centre bus stops.

Satellite Image


Saturday, 13 October 2007

Wickham Road in Shirley

Here's an example from the A232, Wickham Road in Shirley (westbound, just west of the Hartland Way junction). After passing an old garage forecourt, the cycle lane inexplicably veers left before running into the corner of a parking space (occupied in the photo) and the corner of the bus stop cage, where it abruptly stops. Instead, the cycle lane SHOULD continue straight-on and go down the RHS of the bus stop cage!
Photo taken on 16 Aug 2007.

Satellite Image

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Thursday, 4 October 2007

More Press Coverage

Croydon Guardian this time

Deputy ‘best man’ to check out bike lanes

The leader of the council has refused to take a bike ride around the borough to see what improvements could be made to cycle lanes.

Shasha Khan, a member of Croydon's Green party, invited Councillor Mike Fisher on the trip in July....

Now to work out a route which shows as many the problems as possible...

Previous council leaders have got on their bikes, for example Hugh Malyan

Croydon Guardian March 2002

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"Crap Cycle Lanes - 50 worst cycle facilities in Britain"

Coming soon, "Crap Cycle Lanes - 50 worst cycle facilities in Britain", the book inspired by the web site "Cycle Facility of the Month" by Pete Owens of Warrington Cycle Campaign. Look out for my Croydon photos, there will be one or two in there.

Where the editor Dan Hiscocks got the idea for the title from I just cant imagine...

Monday, 1 October 2007

Two minor victories

Firstly, Croydon Council have now backed down on their plans to put a cycle route along the Fairfield path, and have accepted that it would be better to direct bikes along an alternative route.

Secondly, the council have now cut back the overhanging foliage on Addiscombe road. However, they had not cleared all the dirt and cuttings from the cycle lane.