Sunday, 15 June 2008

Crap New Road Markings

These road markings have appeared between Church Road and Mill Lane on a route I use from time to time both on a bike and in a car.

The markings make no sense. From a car they look more like a speed bump, the shiny green paint mostly obscures the white cycle symbol. From a bike they are just crazy.

Is this a very short mandatory cycle lane in the middle of the road?

It seems that this is another original piece of road artwork from Croydon Council.

A source from TfL has confirmed that

The cycle symbol and arrow are authorised (legal) signs and use like this is rexcommended, see LCDS Annex C S1 & S2.
Green can be used, no legal significance.
White line around outside is not legal and should not be used!

Which has sparked yet further debate about local road markings, since if the box around the cycle marking is not legal, what is the legal status of the white boxes the council have painted round local speed bumps?

Satellite Image


The No Cycling Cycle Lane - Park Hill Road

This is a temporary art installation from November 2003.

It is one of the most outrageous pieces from the artist best known as the Croydon Council (Anti-)Cycling Department.

It was swiftly removed, following unfavorable publicity, and it was later claimed that this was the result of a contractor's error. However, it is a clear illustration of the lack of care taken by the council in these matters.

It might be funny, but for the fact that these no cycling signs were supposed to be placed along the Fairfield Path. Now, five years later this steep narrow twisting footpath is under threat from the Connect2 project. Croydon Council now want to turn this busy section of the footpath into a cycle route.

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